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My name is John Ovoian.  I was with the 561st Transportation Company from September 1967 to October 1968.
John Ovoian Cruising The South China Sea While Seasick On An LST
Unknown 561st Soldier At Camp Camelot
Conex Repair Area Newport
Hooch Cleaning Girl At Camp Camelot
I believe the soldier in the middle is PFC Brown.
561st Hooch At Camp Camelot-I believe that the person on the left is Bob Burnette.
Watching USO Show
Left Photo - TDY To Dong Ha - Moving From An LST To A Landing Craft To Bring Us To Land (climbing down the ropes from LST to landing craft was no fun) - I do not know where they
unloaded the trucks from the LST but not where they landed us.  Right Photo - USO Show At Camp Camelot
Bunker At Dong Ha - Almost done, just needs the roof.
Taking A Break From Bunker Detail
View Of Dong Ha Beach From LST
John Ovoian With A Few Hours On A Pristine Beach
Inside Bunker At Dong Ha
Our New Motor Pool Hut At Dong Ha
Cruising From Newport Terminal To Dong Ha
Cruising The South China Sea On An LST
Our New Mess Hall (No More C-rations)
Full Speed Ahead
Massachusetts - Bee Gees - 1967