E Company 20th Infantry (RS) Newport Terminal Security Force - 1971 - 1972
Al, could you please add E Co. 20th Infantry (RS) to your list of attached units of the 71st Transportation Bn? E Co. was formed in June 71 to take the place of the Newport Security
Force members who were mostly Transportation soldiers taken from their units to provide security for Newport. We kept their APCs, & duties but ditched the berets. We had our
own insignia. Best of all, we had "Saigon Privileges"!

In 1971 ,during the push to stand down units, USARV decided to create Rifle Security Companies for various ports and installations. This solved several problems: the decreasing
number of Transportation troops due to stand down, the increased number of Infantry troops who had "time left in country" as their units went home, and that "Rifle Security"
companies would not count against the "combat soldiers" numbers left in the country for Congress.

E Co. was made up of those Infantry types who still had time to serve before they could leave RVN. It was a real hodgepodge of Infantry Officers, NCOs, and troops who came from
all over RVN and with different experiences. It led to some interesting morale and purpose problems. I was a MACV advisor from up north, another Platoon Leader 1lt  JAMES
LEWIS was a bird dog pilot previously.

E Co. received the same MUC as attached to the 71st. Its in the Army Awards Orders, and the last 4th TC newsletter in '72 shows a E Co. soldier eating at the 71st Bn Mess Hall
"Soul Food" dinner.  We even had to sew  the "little blue circle" (highwater mark) at knee level on our fatigues per order of the 4th TC!

E Co. stood down not long after the Bn. did, and we went home safely. Nothing happened during the Spring '72 Offensive.

Michael Moran , 1Lt, Inf.   VN 11/'71-9/'72